1977, em, 1p

other serial numbers submitted: n/a

s/n range: n/a

(IPDB link)

Downloads (in arrivo! – coming soon!):
ROMs – DE, FR, GB, IT (David Gersic)
Manual + schematic (
Instruction Cards (Inkochnito)


updated 14-8-2010
serial-numero di serielatest known pinball owner-ultimo proprietario conosciutolocation-dove si trovacondition-condizioninotes-note
0050Lee ShawSheffield, EnglandVery good. Working
0067Nicolas NicolaidesLivorno (Italy)searching for some kind of manual/schematics as some of the functions don’t seem to be working.

3 pensieri riguardo “Nautilus

  1. Hi,

    I have had one of these machines for the past 18 years.
    It has had fault where it will not reset when the button is pressed. Instead, you just get the motor running and the reset relay countinously running. Does anyone have an idea why this happening, or where I can get a schematic ?

    Many thanks,

      1. Buona sera Roberto. Io ho un paio di problemi sul Nautilus e leggo che hai gli schemi . Riusciresti a mandarmeli, anche su wapp o via mail? 3483807005 oppure romanini_massimo@libero. It
        Mi dici anche il disturbo ovviamente

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