Archivio di appassionati di flipper ‘Made in Italy’

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  1. Hi Federico:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been in contact as I just recently got active on pinball repair again. I have finally restored my Zaccaria Spooky Machine and I’m taking it to Expo in Chicago this year. I’m working on my Zankor right now and if it’s ready I’m taking that one too. A couple of changes to my listing on the owner’s database for Spooky. The real serial number of the machine I have is 138544. Can you also change the listing to ‘restored’ instead of being restored.

    I had to use a scanned reproduction for the backglass as it was missing. I’m still looking for a Spooky backglass if you know anyone who has one. Since I’m using a reproduction not everything is perfect. There seems to be a few things in attract mode with the lights in the backglass. It lights up the windows in the house on the right side of the glass. Is something supposed to show up in these windows when it’s lit from the back?

    Best Regards

    Joe LaPorte
    Plainfeld Illinois USA

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