www.IPDB.it – Italian Pinball DataBase (sett 2020)

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  1. Attention,Federico Croci-many thanks regarding your book I acquired-enjoyed it very much.I have a problem…I acquired a machine,a 1960 Bally Beauty Contest,to which you have and done an informative write-up on.Mine is not functioning as yet but can be fixed…problem is that you state that it is pretty empty in the cabinet and,typically like a bingo,most of the mechanisms are in the backbox.Yes,that is so and my backbox is true to that statement.Yet inside my cabinet is a board(I call it a motorboard but that may be not the right name for it)and it is far from empty.In fact,it has more mechanisms on it than a normal pinball one would!I can see it has a transformer,a bank of about 16 relays/leaf switches/solenoids and,to my surprise,eight very large continuous rotation stepper units and two smaller ones.Add to that miscellaneous other parts and wiring loom.How can this be?I was thinking it could not be consistent but it has a jones plug that connects to a side mounting which has a wiring loom running to all parts of the machine…no doubt then it was fore this machine.Does your one have all this on it?If so,what is the explanation?I am lost on it…a bingo?…a pinball?It even has a continuous rotation stepper with some type of dial with numbers on it(looks like a clock)-I have never seen anything before like it.Do you have pictures of the inside of the cabinet on your one,particularly at the bottom?I was told by others that it is a bingo and would look pretty bare…obviously this is far from so!

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