ZACCARIA (Bologna, Italy) (upd 27/02/11)

*Aerobatics. - em - EN
*Blackbelt - IT
Blackbelt - EN
Circus - em - IT
Circus - em - D
*Clown - IT (back)
Clown - EN (front)
*Combat. - em - EN
Combat. - em - D (two different versions)
Devil Riders - IT
Devil Riders. - D (one side)
*Devil Riders. - EN
Earth Wind & Fire - EN
Earth Wind & Fire - small promo backglass
*Farfalla - IT
*Farfalla. - EN
*Fire Mountain. - IT
Fire Mountain - EN
Future World - IT
*Future World. - EN
Hot Wheels - IT
Hot Wheels. - EN
House of Diamonds - EN
*Locomotion. - IT
Locomotion - EN
Lucky Fruit - IT
Magic Castle - IT
*Magic Castle. - EN
Magic Castle - EN (one sheet)
*Mexico '86  - IT
*Mexico '86. - EN
Moon Flight - EN
Mystic Star - EN (Zaccaria kit?)  (side A + side B)
*Nautilus - em - EN

*Pinball Champ '82. - IT
*Pinball Champ '82. - EN
Pinball Champ '82 (poster)
Pinball Champ '82 (tournament package - letter, etc.)
Pinball Champ '82 + Soccer Kings (Bhuzac Int'l) - EN
Pool Champion - IT
*Pool Champion. - EN
Queen's Castle(em) + Winter Sports (ss) - mag - IT
Red Show - ph
*Robot. - IT
Robot. - EN
Shooting the Rapids - IT (a, b, c, d)
*Shooting the Rapids. - EN
Ski Jump - em - EN
*Ski Jump. - IT (side a, side b, side c)
*Soccer Kings. - IT
Soccer Kings - EN
*Space Shuttle. - EN
Space Shuttle - small promo backglass
Spooky - EN (side a, side b)
*Spooky. (promo sticker)
Spooky - small promo backglass
*Star God. - EN
Strike - em home game
Supersonic - em - EN
Ten Stars - em - IT
Ten Stars - em - EN
Ten Stars (different version) - em - IT
*Time Machine. - IT
Time Machine - EN
Time Machine - small promo backglass
*Universe. - EN
Winter Sports. - EN
Winter Sports, Ski Jump, House of Diamonds, Queen's Castle(em) - mag IT
*Wood's Queen. - IT (1 player)
Wood's Queen - IT (four player)
Zaccaria notizie - mag (may,1982) -
Zankor - EN

3 pensieri riguardo “ZACCARIA (Bologna, Italy) (upd 27/02/11)

  1. buongiorno a tutti, chiedo gentilmente se qualcuno di voi possiede un flipper Supersonic della Zaccaria Vorrei avere delle foto ben fatte sopratutto del vetro della testata ne sarei molto riconosciente la mia posta è ringrazio per le risposte Giuseppe

  2. Greetings from Canada. I have A Zaccaria Ten Stars pinball machine and in the final stages of full restoration. I desperately need the information/game cards that insert on the playfield board. Is it possible to post my request amongst showers/dealers? On a bulletin board etc? I would like to even get a scanned set which I can print and use.

    I could use some spare parts if I can be directed to anyone who sells to overseas.


    1. Greetings from Bologna, Italy! 🙂
      First of all, for all of your Zaccaria needs, I suggest you to follow our “Orange Special” mailing-list, for everything Zaccaria related. Just visit this page:
      About the score cards (and your spares needs) I suggest you to ask in the list. I own a “Ten Stars”, complete with score cards, but it’s the add-a-ball version, while I suppose you have the replay version. But I’m sure some of our foreign subscribers will have the replay version, too!

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