BALLY (USA) (upd 18/04/10)

The History of Bally Technologies
Bally continental ltd product information's leaflet
Bally Flipper (small) sticker
Bally Pinball (small) sticker
Bally is on the ball - Play Meter, dec. 1980
Bally gaming - the latest Buzz generic leaflet
Bally Midway - quality promotional sportswear
*Bally Pinball - Made in USA. round sticker (introduced with Addams' Family)
Invasion of the blood farmers - Bally invitation
Light years ahead (generic leaflet)
Pinballs Redux: the hottest games leaflet - article reprint from the Time magazine
                 - october 31 1977
Pinballs that make history
Promotional coin-op incentive program (generic Bally/Midway leaflet)
wedge base bulbs
2 in 1 (side A)
Aces High
*Addams Family. (side A + side B)
Addams Family (signed by authors)
Addams Family (Nova) - D
Addams Family - tech sheet
Air Aces (side A + side B)
Aladdin's Castle (side A + side B)
Amigo (side A + side B)
Amigo (german)
Atlantis (side A + side B)
*Attack from Mars (side A + side B)
Attack from Mars - 'certificate of authenticity #64' (pinball jacket)
*Attack from Mars. (Nova) - D (folding)
*Attack from Mars. (Nova) - D (one sheet)
Beach Queens_ (large format) (side A)
Baby Pac-Man (side A + side B)
Baby Pac-Man (Amoa show)
Baby Pac-Man (Bally Wulff) - D
Bazaar (proto for the italian version) - mag - IT
Bazaar - IT
Bazaar (ph + press release)
Beat the Clock. (Bally/Midway) (side A + side B)
Beat the Clock (Bally Wulff)
Beauty Contest
Big Day_
Big Show (side A + side B)
Big Valley
Big Valley (german)
Big Valley (ph + press release)
Black Belt. (side A + side B)
Black Jack (side A + side B)
Black Pyramid (side A + side B)
Black Pyramid (Wulff)(german)(+ tech info)
*Black Rose. (side A + side B)
Black Rose (shot map)
Blackwater 100. (side A + side B)
Blackwater 100 (Bally Wulff) - D
Blue Ribbon - mag - D
Bon Voyage (side A + side B)
Bow and Arrow (side A + side B)
*Bugs Bunny. (side A + side B)
Bugs Bunny (Nova) - D (folding)
Bus Stop (side A)
Bus Stop - D
*Cactus Canyon (side A + side B)
Camelot - mag - D
Campus Queen
Capersville (german version) - D
Capersville (ph + press release
Capersville (german booklet) - D
*Capt. Fantastic. (side A + side B)
"Capt. Fantastic" postcard by Norbert Kramer
Centaur (Wulff)(german)
Centaur - a player's guide (side A + side B)
Centaur press release (side A)
Centaur II (german)
Champ (side A + side B)
*Champion Pub (side A + side B)
Circus (side A + side B)
*Cirqus Voltaire (side A + side B)
Cirqus Voltaire ("Electrifying Excitement!"-AMOA version)
Cirqus Voltaire - japanese guide
Cirqus Voltaire "if you clean them, they will earn!"
*Corvette (side A + side B)
*Creature from the black lagoon
Cross Country_
Cue Tease (side A)
Cybernaut (side A + side B)
Delta Queen (side A + side B)
Discotek (large format)
Dixieland (ph + press release)
*Doctor Who (side A + side B)
Dolly Parton
*Dr. Dude. (side A + side B)
*Dungeons & Dragons. (side A + side B)
Eight Ball (side A + side B)
Eight Ball Champ (side A + side B)
Eight Ball Champ (Maibesa) - SP (two different versions)
Eight Ball Champ (Wulff)(german)
Eight Ball De Luxe (side A + side B)
Eight Ball De Luxe (Wulff)(german)
Eight Ball De Luxe limited edition (side A)
El Toro
El Toro - ph
Elektra (Wulff)(german)
Elektra ("Arriving January 1982") (side A + side B + side B)
Elektra promo sticker ("A three level electrifying experience")
*Elvira. (side A + side B + side C + side C)
Elvira - ph
Elvira "best new equipment" AMOA 1989
Elvira! - RePlay magazine, AMOA 1989
Embryon (side A + side B)
Eviel Knievel (side A + side B + side C)
Expressway (side A + side B)
Fathom (side A + side B)
Fathom (Bally Wulff) - D
Fireball (side A + side B)
Fireball (ph + press release)
Fireball (home version)
Fireball II (side A + side B)
Fireball II (Bally Wulff) - D
Fireball Classic. (side A + side B)
Fireball Classic. (Bally Wulff) - D ("manufactured under licence
from Bally Midway Mfg Co.")
Firecracker (side A + side B)
Firecracker - D - mag (two versions)
Firecracker (german)
*Flash Gordon. (side A + side B + side C)
Flash Gordon (Bally Wulff) - D
Flicker (side A + side B)
Flip Flop (side A + side B)
Fore_ -ph
Four Million BC (side A)
Four Million BC - D - mag
Four Million BC (Lowen Automaten)(german)
Four Million BC (ph + press release)
Freedom (em) (side A + side B)
*Frontier (side A + side B)
Fun Cruise_
Fun Cruise (ph + press release)
Future SPA (side A + side B + side C)
Future SPA. (Bally Wulff) - D
*Game Show. (side A + side B)
*Gilligan's Island. (side A + side B)
Gilligan's Island (shot map)
Goldball (side A + side B)
Goldball (Bally Wulff) - D
Gold Rush
Gold Rush (add-a-ball) - (Italy)
Grand Slam (side A)
Grand Slam baseball trading cards
Grand Tour
Granny and the Gators (side A + side B)
Ground Shaker (side A + side B)
Hang Glider (side A + side B)
HardBody. (side A + side B)
*Harlem Globetrotters. (side A + side B + side C)
Harley Davidson. (side A + side B)
Harvest (side A)
Hay-Ride (photo of the game)
Heavy Metal (side A + side B)
Heavy Metal (Bally Wulff) - D
Heavy Metal (Bally Wulff) - shots map - D
Heavy Metal (Bally Wulff) - argumente - D
Hi Deal (side A + side B)
Hi Lo Ace (side A + side B)
Hocus Pocus (side A + side B)
Hotdoggin' (side A + side B)
Hotdoggin' (Bally Wulff) - D
*Indianapolis 500 (side A + side B)
Indianapolis 500 (Nova) - D (one sheet)
Joker Wild (bingo?)
Joker Wild (ph + press release)
*Judge Dredd.
Judge Dredd (with comic)(side A + side B + side C + side D)
Judge Dredd (Bally Wulff) - D
Karate Fight (Wulff)(german)
Kick Off (side A + side B)
King Rex
King Rex (ph + press release)
King Tut
Kings of Steel (side A + side B)
Kiss. (side A + side B + side C)
Knockout(side A + side B)
Lady Luck (Bally/Midway)
Lady Luck. (Bally Wulff)
Lady Luck (Bally Wulff) - shots map
Little Joe. (side A + side B)
Loop the loop (ph + press release)
Loop the loop
Lost World. (1978) (side A + side B)
Lost World (1988) (Escape from the)
Lost World (1988) (Escape from the) - Bally Wulff - D
Mad World (side A)
Magic Circle_
Mariner (side A + side B)
Mata Hari (side A + side B)
*Medusa.  (side A + side B + side C)
Medusa (Bally Wulff) - D
Mini Zag
Monte Carlo (1963)
Monte Carlo (1973) (side A + side B)
Moon Shot
Motor Dome (side A + side B)
*Mousin' Around. (side A + side B)
*Mr. & Mrs. Pacman. (side A + side B + side C)
Mr. & Mrs. Pacman. (Bally Wulff) - D
Mystic (side A + side B)
*NBA Fast-Break (normal) (side A + side B)
*NBA Fast-Break. (linked)
Night Rider (em) (side A + side B)
Night Rider (ss) - D
Nip It (side A + side B)
Nitro Ground Shaker (vedi Ground Shaker)
Odds & Evens (side A + side B)
Old Chicago (side A + side B)
On Beam (side A)
Paragon (side A + side B)
Paragon - A4 backglass art signed by Paul Faris
Party Animal (side A + side B)
Party Animal - D
Party Animal - D - game tips for players
*Party Zone. (side A + side B)
Party Zone playfield shot map
Pinball 2000 - "pinball will never be the same"
Pinball 2000 - Nova (brochure)
Playboy. (side A + side B + side C + side D)
Playboy (Bally Wulff) - D
*Pool Shark. (side A + side B)
*Popeye (side A + side B + side C)
Popeye (Nova) - D
*Popeye (Nova) - D (with 'DCS sound hood').
Power Play (side A + side B)
Quarterback (side A + side B)
*Radical. (side A + side B)
Rapid Fire - ph
*Rapid Fire. (two sides) (side A + side B)
Rapid Fire (one side)
Rapid Fire (Bally Wulff) - D
*Revenge from Mars (side A + side B)
Rocket III (ph + press release)
*Rocket III. (side A)
Rocket III - IT
Rockmakers - mag - D (including World Cup & Boot-a-Ball)
Rogo (side A + side B)
Rolling Stones (side A + side B + side C)
Rolling Stones (Wulff)(german)

Safari (side A)
*Safe Cracker ("token pin") (side A + side B + side C + side D)
Safe Cracker - playfield quality check sheets
*Scared Stiff  (side A + side B)
Scared Stiff (Nova) - D
Scared Stiff (Elvira's modesty sticker)
Scared Stiff (promo photos w/Elvira - five different)
Sea Ray (side A + side B)
See Saw (side A + side B)
See Saw - D
*Shadow (side A + side B)
*Shadow. (Nova) - D
Sheba (side A)
Silverball Mania (side A + side B + side C)
Six Million Dollar Man (side A + side B + side C)
Six Sticks
Six Sticks - mag - D
Skateball (side A + side B)
Skateball (Bally Wulff) - D
Sky Divers
Sky Divers - promo letter from Paul Calamari "In the good old Bingo days..."
Sky Kings (side A + side B)
Skyrocket (side A + side B)
Slap Stick_ - ph
*Space Invaders. (side A + side B + side C + side D + side E)
Space Invaders (Bally Wulff) - D
Space Invaders (promo sheet) (side A)
*Space Time. (side A + side B)
Space Time (ph + press release)
Speak Easy (side A + side B + side C)
Special Force (mag) (side A + side B)
Special Force - D (shots map)
Spectrum (Bally Wulff) - D
Spy Hunter (side A + side B)
Spy Hunter (videogame poster)
Star Jet  (side A)
Star Trek (side A + side B)
Strange Science "Best of  Show"(AMOA)- mag
Strange Science - mag - D
Strange Science (booklet)  (side A + side B + side C + side D)
*Strange Science. - D (booklet)
Strikes & Spares (side A + side B)
Strikes & Spares (Adelscott pub)
Supersonic (side A + side B)
*Theatre of Magic (side A + side B + side C)
Theatre of Magic (signed)
Theatre of Magic - ph (playfield, backglass, complete machine)
Theatre of Magic ("make some magic" standup)
Theatre of Magic - D
Time Zone (side A + side B)
Trail Drive (side A)
Transporter (side A + side B)
Trio (ph + press release)
Truck Stop (ph.color playfield + backglass)
Truck Stop (side A + side B)
Twilight Zone (side A + side B + side C + side D)
Twilight Zone promo plastic - signed by authors
Twin Win (side A + side B)
Vampire (side A + side B)
Vector (side A + side B + side C)
Vector - small flyer
Vector (Bally Wulff) - D
Viking (side A + side B + side C)
Viking (Bally Wulff) - D
Whild Wheels
*Who Dunnit? (side A + side B)
*Who Dunnit? (Bally Wulff) - D
*Wiggler. (side A)
Wizard (side A + side B)
*World Cup Soccer (side A + side B + side C + side D)
World Cup Soccer (signed)
World Cup Soccer (Bally Wulff) - D
World Cup Soccer - Nova - mag
Xenon (side A + side B + side C)
Xenon (Bally Wulff) - D
Xenon - ph (signed)
Zip-a-doo (side A)

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