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04/2003 – Zaccaria Home Pinball, ~1977

A curious home-version, made by Zaccaria, of one of their first pinballs, the “Strike”, maybe built for the english market; you can see in the picture that there’s no hint of a coin-door in the cabinet. Although Bally and other made in the past home-versions of some of their games too, this is so [...]

09/2003 – Bonus Scan: Zaccaria’s italian pinball tournament (1982)

A picture from the final game of the tournament organized by Zaccaria for the year 1981-82, held at the Enada coin-op fair of that year. After some months of regional selections, the selected pinball players came to the Enada, all expenses paid by Zaccaria.


11/2002 – Bonus Scan: Zaccaria “Spooky” promo glass

1987: one of the last pinballs made by Zaccaria, “Spooky” this is the prototype art for its backglass.

06/2002 – Bonus Scan: Soccer Kings T-Shirt

Soccer Kings promo T-Shirt

Amarcord – by Federico Croci

Around the beginning of June, 1982 – I’m playing in a Zaccaria test arcade in Rimini, on the Adriatic sea, their new soccer-themed pinball game. Mr. Marino Zaccaria himself brought it here a few hours ago, and it was installed near the four “Pinball Champ [...]

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