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02/2006 – Bonus Scan: The two faces of Farfalla!

Back in 1983, when Zaccaria sold his famous “Farfalla” pinball in the USA too, found immediately a problem regarding the ‘risky’ graphics of the woman in the molded plastics which formed the backglass. So, it was created a different version, with a different clothed girl, only for USA. Spot the differences!


01/2005 – Mr.Game “Fast Track” (1988)

04/2004 – Bonus Scan: Lorenzo Rimondini, pinball artist

1977: a really rare photo of Lorenzo Rimondini at work, working on the graphics for the Zaccaria “Circus”, of which you can see some master films hanging on the wall. Rimondini was the man behind all the graphics of almost every Zaccaria pinball or videogame since the start, until the middle of the ’80s. […]

12/2003 – Bonus Scan: Farfalla (Zaccaria, 1983)

A lucky find! We’ve been able to put our hands on Zaccaria games and pinballs’ graphics archive! As an example, here’s to you the original color sketch of “Farfalla” backglass. Other samples will follow…


04/2003 – Zaccaria Home Pinball, ~1977

A curious home-version, made by Zaccaria, of one of their first pinballs, the “Strike”, maybe built for the english market; you can see in the picture that there’s no hint of a coin-door in the cabinet. Although Bally and other made in the past home-versions of some of their games too, this is so […]

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