Soccer Kings

zaccaria zaccaria

1983, ss, 4p

other serials submitted: 118369

s/n range: 120840 – 116972 (= 3868)

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Downloads (in arrivo! – coming soon!):
ROMs – DE, FR, GB, IT (David Gersic)
Manual + schematic (
Instruction Cards (Inkochnito)


updated: domenica 26 settembre 2010
serial-numero di serielatest known pinball owner-ultimo proprietario conosciutolocation-dove si trovacondition-condizioninotes-note
117722Chris Koekkoek
The NetherlandsIn restorationBackglass has a player with red shirt and green trouser
Englandnot workingmaybe a prototype "Soccer Kings" (very low serial number)
117971Douglas Cope
Englandin storage, working fully restored
Nürnberg/Fürth, GermanyFully Working,except for the knocker,(what could this be??),overall in very good,still original shape.Zaccaria REALLY did a great job in producing big-fun and long-life pinball machines.
118575Genova, Italyda restaurarealtro esemplare con il colore della maglia del giocatore in rosso anziche' in blu. Tre gettoniere abilitate, istruzioni in inglese.
118621eBayred t-shirt!
118774Chris Koekkoek
The Netherlandsworking
Danville, Virginia, U.S.A.project pin …. My First if any one can help I am looking for any drawings or manuals for this machine.
119423n/aUSArestored and fully working
119672David Gersic
DeKalb, IL – USAFully restored, working.
119790Douglas Cope
Englandin storage, working fully restored
119809John O'Connor
Malvern, UKbot workingin restoration needing both mechanical and electronic parts, in particular the big solenoid that raises the balls onto the upper playfield is missing.
The Netherlandsworking
120742Scott Wilmoth
Randallstown Md, USARestored / Working
120791Piero Cavina
Imola (Bologna), Italyin storage
Englandnot working
122789Aldo PancaldiRoma, Italyda restaurare

4 thoughts on “Soccer Kings

  1. On eBay, another “Soccer Kings” with different backglass colours; serial number 118.621.
    Being quite an high serial, I don’t think it’s a proto; maybe, Zaccaria did a short production run of backglasses with different colours to meet some distributor’s request, or something similar.
    I’m not a soccer expert; by the way, game was released immediately after the 1982 Soccer World Cup, with usual colours appealing to the italian team who won the cup; maybe, the different colours are those of a different team, the team of the country where those games were sold (French? Belgium?)..?

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