Pinball Frunz – Tilt Party 

pinball enchantment under the stars!

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The past meetings


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The Tilt Party it’s an unique moment to stay a night at the open air, playing a lot of pinballs and videos, together with many other collectors and supporters of the game! Rare or famous, restored or barely working, solid-state or electromechanical!


Check the review which appeared on the 31th august, 2009 issue of the italian newspaper “Il Bologna”!

Check the review which appeared on the 30th june, 2007 issue of the national italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera”!

Check the review which appeared on the january 2005 issue of the USA magazine “PinGame Journal”!

Bologna City!

raccolta di webcam dedicate a Bologna ed ai luoghi del Frunz


Le Due Torri

Bologna: le Due Torri – the Two Towers

Santuario di San Luca (Bologna)

Santuario di San Luca – San Luca’s Sanctuary

Castello di Serravalle

Castello di Serravalle

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