Moon Flight


1977, em, 1p

other serial numbers submitted: n/a

s/n range: n/a

(IPDB link)

Downloads (in arrivo! – coming soon!):
ROMs – DE, FR, GB, IT (David Gersic)
Manual + schematic (
Instruction Cards (Inkochnito)


updated 14-8-2010
serial-numero di serielatest known pinball owner-ultimo proprietario conosciutolocation-dove si trovacondition-condizioninotes-note
0881Marco Rossignoli
Newcastle, Australiain storage

3 thoughts on “Moon Flight

  1. The game I’ve owned now for a couple of years is wonderfully enjoyable. I’m from pittsburgh pa. originally now living 15 min. from the city, now in Monroeville Pa. When I’m not working on the pinball machines, I amuse myself by building and designing my own model rollercoasters from ripped 2 by 4’s of pine wood. You can view my rollercoasters if you’d like on u-tube. type in Paul25051 I think you’ll enjoy them. Let me know what you think. click the small picture in the right corner to view all 15 videos. Oh? I forgot to ask if you know if there is a manual for moon flight thats available. I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks and keep in touch so we can comment on the other machines that you and I already own. Paul/The Rollercoaster Workshop.

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