1977, em, 4 players

other serial numbers submitted: 5290,5606 serial number range: (some discrepancies – more serials needed!)

(IPDB link)

ROMs – DE, FR, GB, IT (David Gersic)
Manual + schematic (
Instruction Cards (Inkochnito)


updated 14-8-2010
serial-numero di serielatest known pinball owner-ultimo proprietario conosciutolocation-dove si trovacondition-condizioninotes-note
South Carolina, USAperfect!
965anonymousNewcastle, Australiaexcellent condition and fully working notes: Serial number seems a bit low, but that is what it is. Game has different bumper caps than those that appear on flyer (newer model of caps which came out after this game)

5 thoughts on “Circus

  1. Hi.

    I have a circus that I have almost finished refurbishing. I will be taking it to the pinball party in the uk in about two weeks. I like to put a note on the pin explaining a bit about the table. I wonder if anyone can tell me please: –

    How much a circus sold for when it was new?
    How many of these were made?

    Thanks in advance.


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