The ‘whitewood’ for the ‘”Arabian Night”. Note the differences in the upper left ramp; on the right, partially covered by the “Lamp”, you can find three target of the same type previously installed only in the playfield of “Indianapolis 500”.

Upper left ramp

Upper left ramp.

Playfield detail

The playfield near the “Genie”. You can have a better view of the three targets behind the “Lamp”; also note the different position where it was installed the magnet.

Early prototype

An early proto of the almost definitive game. Also installed, an early draft of the backglass. On the right of the backbox, out of the cabinet, there’s a flat cable connecting the pinball to an external computer.

Cabinet art

Cabinet’ side graphics. Note that on the side of the backbox was intended to be used the “Bally” name, while the game will be produced as Williams.

Backglass art

Draft for the backglass graphics. No brand name is still present.

X-Files menu

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