WILLIAMS (USA) (upd:19/7/11)

“Advertising and promotions” booklet – 1982
“Amazing diamond plate”
“Bullish on the industry”
“Williams’ commitment to excellence” generic leaflet
“Williams makes headlines, again” (Disco Fever)
“Your future never looked so good” generic leaflet
3 Jokers (side A)
4 Aces (side A)
8 ball (side A)
A Go Go (side A)
Aces & Kings (side A)
Aces & Kings (german)
*Alien Poker. (side A + side B)
Alien Poker promo deck of cards (side A + side B + side C)
*Arabian Nights. (side A + side B)
Arabian Nights (signed)
Arabian Nights – japanese guide
Argosy (side A)
Aztec (em) (side A)
*Bad Cats. (side A + side B)
*Banzai Run. (side A + side B + side C + side D + side E)
Barracora (side A + side B)
Beat Time (side A)
Big Ben (side A)
Big Chief (side A)
Big Daddy (side A)
Big Deal (1977) (side A)
*Big Guns. (side A + side B)
Big Guns – bookmark (side A + side B), various stickers
Blackout (side A + side B)
*Black Knight (single sheet)(side A + side B)
Black Knight (folding out)
*Black Knight 2000 (colour).(side A + side B)
Black Knight 2000 (b/w) (side A + side B + side C + side D)
Blast Off
*Blue Chip. (side A)
Bowl a strike
Comet (side A + side B)
*Congo (side A + side B)
*Congo. (Nova) – D (one sheet)
Contact (side A + side B)
Cosmic Gunfight (side A + side B)
*Cyclone. (side A + side B)
*Cyclone – sticker “Williams presents Cyclone”.
Daffie (USA add-a-ball normal version)
Dealer’s Choice (side A)
Defender (side A + side B + side C + side D)
*Demolition Man (side A + side B + side C + side D)
Demolition Man (Nova) – D
Derby Day (side A)
*Diner. (side A + side B)
Ding Dong (side A)
Dipsy Doodle (side A)
*Dirty Harry (side A + side B)
*Dirty Harry. (Nova) -D
Disco Fever (side A + side B + side C)
Doodle Bug (side A)
*Dracula. (side A + side B)
Dracula (shot map + promo photos)
*Earthshaker. (side A + side B)
Expo (side A)
Fantastic (side A)
*F-14 Tomcat. (side A + side B)
“F-14 Tomcat” Best of Show ACME ’87
Fire! (side A + side B)
Fire! (small promo card)
Fire! Champagne Edition (side A)
Firepower (side A + side B + side C + side D)
Firepower II (side A)
*Fish Tales. (side A + side B)
Fish Tales (Nova) – D
*Fish Tales. (Nova) – EN
Flash (side A + side B + side C)
Flash (no sticker “on location record breaking earnings”)
Flash (german)
Flash – italian restaurant menu
*Flintstones-the (side A + side B)
Flintstones-the (signed by authors)
Flintstones-the (Nova) – D
Flintstones-the (promo photos)
Full House (side A)
Fun-fest_ (side A)
*Funhouse. (side A + side B)
Gay 90’s (side A + side B)
*Getaway. (side A + side B)
*Getaway. (Nova) – D
Gold Rush (side A)
Gorgar. (side A + side B + side C + side D)
(Download gorgar.mp3 (mp3, 3.813KB), as on the flyer!)
(Download gorgar.rm (Real Audio, 402KB), as on the flyer!)
Gorgar (german)
Granada (side A)
*Grand Lizard. (side A + side B + side C)
Grand Prix (side A)
Gulfstream (side A)
Hayburners II
High Ace (seerome spa)
*High Speed. (side A + side B)
High Speed – “new features” leaflet
High Speed – Nintendo videogame
High Speed (Nova) – poster (D)
Hot Line (side A)
Hot Tip (side A)
*Hurricane. (side A + side B)
Hyperball (side A + side B + side C)
*Hyberball. – ‘hyper-tactics’ booklet (side A + side B + side C + side D)
Hyperball – “Get Hyperball” poster
Hyperball – “Mach’s Hyper” poster (german)
Hyperball – “We’re gonna change…” poster
Hyperball – complete 1982 promo envelope (poster, booklet, distributor listing)
*Indiana Jones (side A + side B + side C)
Indiana Jones (Nova) – D (with prototype playfield)
Jackpot (german)
*JackBot (side A + side B)
Jackbot (Nova) – D
Jive Time (side A)
*Johnny Mnemonic (side A + side B)
Johnny Mnemonic (signed by authors)
Johnny Mnemonic (Nova) – D (one sheet)
Jokerz! (side A + side B)
*Jokerz!. – ph (b/w)
*Jokerz!. – ph (colour)
*Jokerz!. – ph (playfield)(colour)
Jolly Roger (side A)
*Joust. (side A + side B + side C + side D)
Jubilee_ (side A)
Jungle Lord (side A + side B + side C)
*Junkyard (side A + side B)
Junkyard (Nova) – D
Klondike (side A)
Lady Luck (side A)
*Laser Ball. (side A + side B)
Laser Ball (german)
Laser Cue (side A + side B)
Liberty Bell (side A)
Little Chief (side A)
Little Chief – mag (D)
Love Bug (side A)
*Lucky Ace (side A)
Lucky Seven (side A + side B)
Lunar Shot_ – (italian)
*Machine – bride of Pinbot. (side A + side B)
Magic City (side A)
Magic Town (side A)
*Medieval Madness (side A + side B)
Medieval Madness (signed by Brian Eddy)
Merry Widow (side A)
Metro (side A)
Millionaire (side A + side B)
Miss O (side A)
*Monster Bash (side A + side B)
Monster Bash (Nova). – D
Monster Bash press release – ph (playfield, backglass, complete game)
Moulin Rouge (side A)
Nags_ (side A)
*No Fear. (side A + side B)
No Fear (Nova) – D
*No Good Gofers! (side A + side B)
No Good Gofers! – ph (complete game)
Oh Boy (side A)
Oxo (side A)
*Pat Hand. (side A)
Pharaoh (side A + side B + side C)
Pharaoh (french)
Phoenix (side A + side B + side C)
Pinball 2000 “pinball will never be the same” brochure
(full disclosure,technology,modularity)
Pinbot (side A + side B + side C)
Pinbot promo stickers
Pit Stop
*Pinball Pizazz!. – Warlok, Defender, Time Fantasy (side A)
*Pinball Pizazz!. – European version
Planets (side A)
Pokerino (side A + side B + side C + side D)
*Police Force. (side A + side B)
Post Time
Rancho (side A)
*Riverboat Gambler. (side A + side B)
*Road Kings. (side A + side B + side C)
*Road Show. (side A + side B)
Road Show (signed by authors)
*Road Show. (Nova) -D
*Roller Games. (side A + side B)
San Francisco (side A)
*Scorpion (side A + side B)
Set Up
Seven Up (side A)
Shangri-La_ (side A)
Shangri-La – ph
Skylab (side A)
Smarty. – (italian)
Solar Fire (side A + side B)
Solids n Stripes (side A)
Sorcerer (side A + side B)
Space Mission (side A)
Space Odissey (side A)
Space Shuttle. (side A + side B + side C)
Space Shuttle. – “fastest way to make your earnings really take off!” (side A)
“Space Shuttle is igniting the industry !” sheet
Space Station (side A + side B)
Spanish Eyes (side A)
Spanish Eyes – (japanese text – Sega)
Star Action (side A)
Star Light (side A + side B)
Star Pool (side A)
*Star Trek: tng. (side A + side B + side C + side D)
*Star Trek: tng. (Nova)(folding) – D
Star Trek: tng (Nova)(one sheet) – D
Star Trek: tng (dutch)
Star Trek: tng (signed)
Star Wars (Pinball 2000) (side A + side B)
Star Wars (Pinball 2000) – postcard “bring them out in force”
Stardust (side A)
Stardust (german)
*Stellar Wars. (side A + side B)
Strato-Flite (side A)
*Straight Flush. (side A)
Strike Zone_ (side A)
Student Prince (side A)
Student Prince – de
*Super Flite. (side A)
Super Star
Super Star – (japanese text – Sega)
Suspense (side A)
Swinger (side A)
Swinger – (japanese text – Sega)
Swords of Fury (side A + side B)
Taxi (Lola)
Taxi (Marilyn) – mag
Terminator 2 (playfield shot map)
Terminator 2 (side A + side B)
*Ticket Tac Toe (redemption with flippers)
Time Fantasy (side A + side B)
Time Warp (side A + side B)
Toledo (side A)
*Touchdown. (side A)
Travel Time (side A)
Tri Zone (side A + side B)
Triple Action (side A)
Triple Strike (side A)
*Tropic Fun (side A)
Whirlwind. (side A + side B)
“Whirlwind storm warning !” – press release leaflet
*Whitewater (side A + side B)
Whitewater (Nova) – D
Wild Card. (side A)
Wing Ding (side A)
Winner (side A)
World Cup
World Cup (“Kyle Rote Jr.”) (side A + side B + side C)
World Cup. (“Michel Platini”) (french)
Zig-Zag (side A)
Zodiac (side A)

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