GOTTLIEB/PREMIER (USA) (upd 19 jul 11)

Gottlieb distributors “Surfer” price list
NOVA brochure techncal terms english<->german
“On Target” (tech newsletter)(vol.4,issue 3 – jul/aug 1983)
1st aid emergency repair kit (repairs for system 80)
Future is already here(Gottlieb generic ad)
Let’s talk (Gottlieb generic ad)
Gottlieb 1965/1972 (italian coin-op show picture of eight italian versions)
2001 (side A)
300 (side A)
4 Square (side A)
Abra ca dabra. (side A)
Ace High_ (ph)
Airport (side A)
Alien Star
Amazon Hunt (side A + side B)
Amazon Hunt II
Aquarius (side A)
*Arena. (side A + side B)
Asteroid Annie and the Aliens (ph)
Astro – postcard
Atlas_ (ph)
*Bad Girls. (side A + side B)
Bad Girls (german flyer) – D
Bad Girls (AMOA ’88 postcard)
Barb Wire (last Gottlieb pinball) (side A + side B)
Bell Ringer (redemption)(“earnings report” on the back)
Bell Ringer (redemption)(different height legs installed)
Big Brave (side A)
*Big House. (side A + side B)
Bih House (german flyer) – D
*Big Hurt (side A + side B)
Big Hit
Big Indian (side A)
Big Jack. (italian text)
Big Jack (no text)
Big Jack – ph
Big Shot (side A)
Black Hole (side A + side B)
Black Hole (“How to play”) (side A + side B)
Black Hole. (export)
Black Hole (export) – D
Black Hole (Nova)(rovinato) – D
Blue Note_ (side A)
Bonanza. – F (Fremont)
*Bone Busters. (side A + side B)
Bounty Hunter (side A + side B)
Bowling Queen (side A)
Bowling Queen – F
Brite Star_ (ph)
Bronco (side A)
Buccaneer (side A)
Buck Rogers (side A + side B + side C)
Buckaroo (side A)
Bullseye (redemption)
Bumper Pool (italian text)
Cactus Jack’s (side A + side B)
Canada Dry (side A)
*Car Hop. (side A + side B)
Card King (italian text)
Card Trix – ph
Card Whiz (side A)
Caveman. (side A + side B + side C)
Central Park_ (side A)
Centigrade 37 (side A)
*Charlie’s Angels. (side A + side B)
Chicago Cubs (side A + side B)
*Circus (side A + side B)
*Class of 1812 (side A + side B)
Cleopatra – em (side A)
Cleopatra – ss (side A + side B + side C + side D)
*Close Encounters of the third kind. (side A + side B + side C + side D)
College Queens (side A)
Continental Cafe_ (side A)
*Count-Down. (side A + side B)
Counterforce (side A + side B + side C)
Cow Poke (side A)
Crescendo (side A)
Crossaroads_ (side A)
Cross Town_ (side A)
*Cue Ball Wizard (side A + side B)
Cue Ball Wizard (german flyer) – D
Dancing Dolls_ (side A + side B)
*Deadly Weapon. (side A + side B)
Devil’s Dare (side A + side B)
Devil’s Dare (fold-out poster – german flyer) – D
Diamond Lady (side A + side B)
Dimension (postcard)
Dodge City_ (ph)
Dodge City – F (Fremont)
Domino (side A)
*Dragon (side A + side B)
Drop a card (side A)
Duotron (side A)
Egg Head (side A)
El Dorado – em – ph
El Dorado – em (side A)
El Dorado city of gold – ss
Electra Pool_ – ph – mag
Elite Guard. (italian text
Excalibur (side A + side B)
Extra Inning_ -ph
Falstaff_ (side A)
Far Out (side A)
Fast Draw (side A)
Flip a Card (side A)
Flying Carpet (side A)
Flying Chariots – F
Force II (side A + side B)
*Freddy: a nightmare on Elm Street (side A + side B)
Freddy: a nightmare on Elm Street (signed)
Freddy: a nightmare on Elm Street shotmap
Freddy: a nightmare on Elm Street (german flyer) – D
Fun Fair (italian text)
Fun Land (side A)
Gaucho – F (Fremont)
*Genie. (side A + side B + side C)
Genesis (“another great creation”) – mag
Genesis (side A + side B)
Gigi – F
*Gladiators (side A + side B)
Gladiators – japanese flyer
*Golden Arrow. (side A)
Gold Star_ – ph
*Gold Wings (side A + side B)
Grand Slam (side A)
Grande Domino – (italian text)
Grande Domino (italian text errouneusly printed upside down)
*Gridiron. (side A)
Groovy (side A)
Happy Clown – F
Harmony. (italian text)
Harmony (no text)
Harmony – ph
*Haunted House. (side A + side B + side C)
*Hawaiian Isle. – (italian text)
Hawaiian Isle – ph
Hi Diver (side A)
Hi Dolly_ (side A)
Hi Dolly – F
High Hand (side A)
Hi-Lo. (italian text)
Hi Score (side A + side B)
High Seas (side A)
Hit-a-card_ – ph
*Hollywood Heat (side A + side B)
*Hoops (side A + side B)
Hot Shot (side A + side B)
*Hot Shots.
Hot Shots (german flyer) – D
Hurdy Gurdy_ (add-a-ball version) (side A)
Hurdy Gurdy. (large)(italian version)(italian text)
Hurdy Gurdy (large)(italian version)(no text)
*Hurdy Gurdy. (small)(italian version)(italian text)
Hyde Park_ -ph
Hyde Park (italian text)
Hyde Park_ (no text)
*Hyde Park_ (ph)
Ice Fever (side A + side B)
Ice Revue
Ice Show (italian version? no word ‘flipper’ everywhere…)
Ice Show_ (italian text)
*Ice Show (postcard)
Incredible Hulk (side A + side B + side C + side D)
Incredible Hulk (italian text – Dicoma)
*Jack in the box. (side A)
Jacks to open
*James Bond. (side A + side B + side C)
James Bond – (1980 “Play Meter” special leaflet)
Jet Spin
Joker Poker (ph + Gottlieb News “The Playfield”)
Joker Poker (side A + side B)
Joker Poker (postcard)
Jumping Jack (side A)
Jungle (side A)
Jungle King (postcard)
Jungle Life (side A)
*Jungle Queen (side A)
*Jungle Queen. – F (Sovoda)
King Kool (side A)
King Pin (side A)
King Pin (postcard)
Kings & Queens (side A)
King Rock (side A)
Lawman (side A)
*Lights, Camera, Action (side A + side B)
Lucky Card
Lucky Hand (post card)
Lucky Strike (side A)
Mademoiselle_ (side A)
Magnotron (side A)
Majestic_ (ph)
*Mario Andretti (side A + side B)
Mars God of War (side A + side B + side C)
Masquerade (side A)
Merry Go Round_ (ph)
Mibs (side A)
Mini Cycle (side A)
Miss Annabelle_ (ph)
Monte Carlo (“a sure bet !”) mag
Monte Carlo (“a sure bet !”) (side A + side B)
Monte Carlo (“a sure bet !”) autographed by Sharon
New York
Night Moves (cocktail pinball) – see also MMG SALES (England)
North Star_ (side A)
*Operation: Thunder. (side A + side B)
Orbit (side A)
Out of Sight (side A)
Outer Space (side A)
*Panthera (side A + side B + side C)
Paradise (cut)
Paul Bunyan (side A)
Pin Wheel_ (side A)
*Pinball Pool. (side A + side B)
Pink Panther (side A + side B)
*Pioneer. (side A)
Playball (side A + side B)
Play Pool (side A)
Play Pool – ph (color)
Polo (side A)
Pop-a-card (postcard)
Poseidon_ – ph (color)
*Pro-Football. (side A)
*Pro Pool. – postcard
*Psychedelic. – IT
*Punk. – EN
Pyramid (side A)
Q*bert’s Quest (side A)
Quick Draw (side A)
*Rack’em Up!.
*Rancho. (italian text)
Rancho – no text
*Rancho (postcard)
Raven (“coming soon”) mag
*Raven (side A + side B)
Ready, aim, fire!
*Rescue 911 (side A + side B)
Rescue 911 (german flyer) – D
Rescue 911 – japanese flyer
Rescue 911 – japanese guide
Road Race (side A)
*Robo War. (side A + side B)
Robo War (german flyer) – D
Robo War (“US$ 200 check”)
Rock – mag
*Rock (side A + side B)
Rock – promo postcard (AMOA ’85)
Rock Encore (side A)
Rock Encore – D
Rock Star_ -ph
Rocky. (side A + side B)
Roller Coaster (side A)
*Roller Disco (side A + side B + side C)
Royal Flush_ – 1957
Royal Flush – 1976
Royal Flush deluxe (side A + side B)
Royal Guard (side A)
*Royal Pair. (side A)
Score Board_ (side A)
*Scuba. (side A)
*Sea Side. (italian text)
Sea Side – ph (color)
*Shaq Attaq (side A + side B)
Shaq Attaq (german flyer) – D
Shaq Attaq (signed)
Sheriff (side A)
*Silver Slugger (side A + side B)
Sinbad – ss (side A + side B)
Sing Along (side A)
Skipper (side A)
*Sky Dive
*Sky Dive + RockOla 454 (NAT)
Sky Jump (side A)
Slick Chick – F
Snow Derby (side A)
Snow Queen (side A)
Soccer (side A)
Solar City (side A)
*Solar Ride. (side A + side B)
Solitaire – ph (1 – b/w)
Solitaire – ph (2 – color)
*Space Orbit. (side A)
Space Orbit – ph(color)
*Spiderman (side A + side B + side C)
Spiderman – D
Spin-a-card (poster) (side A)
Spin Out (side A)
Spin Wheel (side A + side B)
Spirit (side A + side B)
Spirit of ’76 (side A)
Spirit of ’76 – mag – D
*Spot Pool.
*Spring Break. (side A + side B)
Spring Break photographer Don Marshall special – RePlay magazine
*Stargate (side A + side B)
Stargate (signed)
Star Race (side A + side B + side C)
Star Trek_ (no text)
Star Trek_ (Italian text)
Straight Flush_ (side A)
Straight Shooter_ (side A)
Strange World (side A)
*Street Fighter II (side A + side B)
Street Fighter II (german flyer) – D
Striker (side A + side B)
*Strikes n’Spares (side A + side B)
Subway (italian text)
Subway – ph
Super Bowl_ -ph
Super Duo. (italian text)
Super Duo – ph
*Super Mario Bros. (side A + side B)
Super Mario Bros (german flyer “Tuning Electronic”)
Super Mario Bros “hints and strategies” card
Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World (side A + side B)
Super Mario Bros. “spare parts kit”
Super Orbit (side A + side B)
Super Score (side A + side B)
Super Soccer (side A)
Super Spin (side A)
Sure Shot (side A)
Surf Champ_ (side A)
Surfer (side A)
Surf Side (side A)
*Surf ‘n’ Safari (side A + side B)
Sweet Hearts – F (Fremont)
Sweet Hearts – F (Paris New York)
Swing Along – F (Fremont)
Swing Along – F (Paris New York)

*Tag-Team pinball (side A + side B)
Target Alpha (side A)
Target Pool (side A)
*Tee’d Off (side A + side B)
Ten-Up (Europlay/NAT) – see also EUROPLAY/NAT (Bologna, Italy)
Texan_ (four player) (side A)
Texan_ (two player)
*Texas Ranger.
Texas Ranger -ph
The Games (side A + side B)
Time Line (side A + side B + side C + side D + side E)
Time Line – tic-tac-toe block-notes (side A + side B)
*Title Fight. (side A + side B)
Title Fight telecarte_ -(F)
Tivoli (italian text)
Tivoli (no text)
TKO -ph
*Top Card. (side A)
*Top Hand. (side A)
Torch (side A + side B)
Totem (side A + side B + side C)
*Totem. – D
Touchdown (Mylstar)
Touchdown (Premier)
Touchdown + El Dorado (“Something old.Something new.”) – mag
Tropic Isle_ (side A)
Troubadour_ -ph
*Tx-Sector. (fold-out poster) (side A + side B)
Tx-Sector (german flyer) – D
Universe_ (side A)
*Vegas (side A + side B)
*Victory (side A + side B)
Victory (french version with nude girl)
*Volcano. (side A + side B)
Volley (side A)
Vulcan (side A)
Wagon Train_ (side A)
*Waterworld. (side A + side B)
Waterworld – shot map
Whirl-Wind_ – ph
Whirl-Wind_ (side A)
Wild Life (side A)
Wild West_ (side A)
Wild Wild West (side A)
*Wipe Out (side A + side B)
Wipe Out – japanese flyer
Wizard -ph (color)
*World Challenge Soccer (side A + side B)
World Challenge Soccer – japanese guide
World Fair – F
World Series_

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