di Piero Cavina

Zaccaria House of Diamonds (1978)

this is an unrestored machine
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backglass - please note the "Electronic" logo: solid state pins where big news in 1978!

playfield view - House of Diamonds was one of the first solid-state, four players Zaccaria pins

top hole
top hole - the top playfield has many similiarities with Winter Sports (ipdb link)

top playfield - bumpers/spinner
bumpers/spinner - the top right passage seems inspired by Williams Space Mission (ipdb link)...

middle playfield
middle pf - ...but the arrangement of the upper flippers is quite original

lower playfield
lower pf - how many pins feature a peacock? :-)

cards left
cards targets - left side

cards right
cards targets - right side. Hod was build also in an electro-mechanical version, Queen's Castle (ipdb link). It is unknown how many units were build for each version.

under the playfield
under the playfield

flipper relays
two flipper relays

power transformer

cabinet art
cabinet artwork - is this the original MEDIEVAL MADNESS? :-)

Restoration log

ATTN House of Diamonds owners:

the Eproms for this pin haven't been dumped yet. Please contact me if you own this pin or a set of eproms.

le Eprom di questo flipper non sono state ancora scaricate. Per favore contattatemi se possedete questo flipper o le sue Eprom.