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Number of listed movies 89
Most indentified pins in one movie 8
Oldest listed movie 1940
Newest listed movie 2002


Movie Starring Year Manufacturer / Game Remarks Thanks to
Abbys, The
Ed Harris
1989 DTE- Playboy ? or Secret Service ?? The game is in the subaquatic base G.Wackermann Grunt
Accused, The
Kelly McGillis
Jodie Foster
Bernie Coulson
Leo Rossi
1988 WMS - Slam Dunk The rape scene on the Pinball Machine VL Juke
All Coppers are....   1971 WMS ? In the bowling alley Marco Rossignoli
A Christmas Story
Peter Billingsley
Melinda Dillon,
Darren McGavin
1983 ??? Christmas morning, camera pans from boy sleeping over to parents.  You can see a bagatelle game lying on the floor amid wrapping paper Pinhead
All I Want For Christmas
Harley Jane Kozak
Jamey Sheridan
Lauren Bacall
Leslie Nielsen
1991 WMS- Cyclone? There are a couple of scenes with the pin.  The first one was when the parents were
talking in the upstairs apartment.  Then later on, the kids were actually playing it.
Billy Muth
American Graffity
Richard Dreyfus
Ron Howard
Cindy Williams
Mackenzie Phillips
GTB- Wild wild west
GTB- Royal Guard
BLY- Sky Rocket
BLY- Vampire
GTB- Buckaroo
WMS- Base Hit
WMS- P&B Baseball
In the scene where the Pharoahs go to an amusementpark, and enter an arcade where there are several pinball machines.
HOWEVER: None of these machines are older than 1965 (Buckaroo), and the newest one is Vampire (1971).  How do you explain this when the movie was supposedly set in 1962?
Andre Hazes The Movie (Dutch)
Andre Hazes
1999 WMS- Terminator II On one of the performances with a choir J.H. Arts
Arthur Dudley Moore, Liza Minelli, John Girlgud 1981 BLY- 8 Ball DeLuxe

And more

Early in the film in the bathroom, over John Girlgud's shoulder. Later in the film Dudley & Liza visit an Arcade with many games, With the 8 Ball DeLuxe prominent at the end of a bank of pins. Cody
Bad News Bears
Tatum O'Neil
WMS- Funfest
GTB- High hand
Tatum O'Neil playing air hockey a row of pinballs is behind her an high hand is being played


Before Sunrise
Julie Delpy
Ethan Hawke
1995 Atari- Spaceriders About 2 minutes in on side B of the Laserdisc... the two main characters play this pin for about 5 minutes! Matte Loennborg
Behind Enemey Lines Gene Hackman 2001 WMS- Terminator 2 Somewhere in the middle of the movie Ales Duin
Tom Hanks
1988 WMS- Pinbot ?? Boag1
Big Daddy
Adam Sandler
1999 WMS- SpaceStation A lot of scene's in Adam's home Ron
Blues Brothers, The
John Belushi 
Dan Akroyd
GTB - 4 Square
BLY - Monte Carlo
When Jake en Elwood enter  Bob's Country Bunker
Edwin de Graaf
Martin Rossignoli
Boogie Nights Burt Reynolds 1975 BLY- Alladins Castle ? Marco Rossignoli
Bottle Rocket Luke Wilson Owen C. Wilson Robert Musgrave 1996 ?? Pinball machine is played in a convenience store Matt Mitchem
California Kid, The Martin Sheen Michelle Phillips ??
WMS- Doodle Bug
GTB- Scuba
One unknown
Scene in the restaurant, scene with Martin Sheen and Michelle Phillips. Pinballnutz
Chi la vista morire George Lazenby 1970 GTB- Harmony In the coffee bar in Venice Marco Rossignoli
Cop Land
Sylvester. Stallone
Harvey Keitel
Ray Liotta
Robert De Niro
1997 DTE- Lethal Weapon 3

Opening scene in the bar Sylvester playing the pinball game

Tom vd Mast Martin Schaaf
Cry Babie
Johnny Depp Tracie Lords Amy locane
Polly Bergan
Ricki Lake 
Iggy Pop 
Patty Hearst
1990 ? In the basement of Cry Babies house when he gets his bike. Cygnus-A
Dazed and Confused
Ben Affleck
Matthew McConaughey


and more


Various scenes when they're in the "Emporium"  Scott
Deep Red (aka Profondo Rosso) David Hemmings 1975 GTB- Jungle Life In the Coffee Bar Marco Rossignoli
Desperately Seeking Susan Maddona, Rosanna Arquette, Aidan Quinn, Robert Joy 1985 ? Near the end of the movie in the MAgic Club, Susan and Jimmy start making out on an old pin. Dan-O
Detroit Rock City
Edward Furlong
Shannon Tweed.
1999 BLY- Kiss BLY-Strikes n Spares STN-Ted Nugent In the Convenience store
Steve Keeler
Donnie Brasco Jonny Depp - All Pacino 1994 ? Near the end where Pachino is breaking apart the parking meters, there is a pin in the background of the bar. Jeff Feineis
Don't look behind you (tv) Patrick Duffy, Pam Dawber ? ? After about one hour in the movie several pinballs in diner cafe/bar f-double-you
William H.Macey
Steve Buscemi
1996 WMS- Spacestation Bar Scene at the beginning of the movie Ed Klamp
Feeling Minesota
Keanu Reeves
Vincent D'Onofrio
Cameron Diaz
Delroy Lindo
1996 ? Beginning of movie, go to pinball parlour Panel & Pins
First Born
Teri Garr
Peter Weller
Christopher Collet
Robert Downey
1984 ? ? ?
Frequency Dennis Quaid, Andre Braugher, James Caviezel, Shawn Doyle, Elizabeth Mitchell 2000
WMS- Fishtales
And one unknown
After 1:20 in the movie, when John meets Jack (the nightingale murderer)  in the bar Arkadia
Friday 13th II
? BLY - Kiss After about 1 hour in the movie, in a pub. Cody
Girl In Lover's Lane, The
Brett Halsey  Joyce Meadows  Jack Elam
1960 ?

Pool Hall discussion between five men around machine

Goat, The Gerard Depardieu 1981 BLY- Rolling Stones In the Coffee shop Marco Rossignoli
Good Fellas Ray Liotta, Robbert de Niro, Joe Pesci 1990
BLY - Capt.Fantastic
BLY - Nitro Ground Shaker
and more

1- After about 1.5 hours in the movie in a bar.

2-3 After 1.45 hours, when de Niro sends Liotta's wife to a shop, the pins are standing on the street.

Gregorio ? 1984 BLY- Xenon In the arcade Marco Rossignoli
Gunn (Peter Gunn) Lola Albright, Herschel Bernardi, Craig Stevens 1967 ??? In the arcade scene you can see many pinball machines Shak
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man Mickey Rourke and John Donsonn 1991 ? It's located in the bar that's about to be closed down Roy Wolters
Home Alone McCaulie Cilkin ? ? ? Rusty
Honeymooners Jackie Gleason ? ?? Ralph & Norton at a shop or something. They're playing a pre-flipper game and are wagering on who has the best body english. Then each take a turn and dance and twist in front of the machine, but never try to hit a flipper button. Cody
 Karate Kid, The- Elisabeth Shue, Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita 1994
BLY- Rolling Stones  STN - Flight 2000
1 more


In arcade scene. RB in Oz
Marathon Man Dustin Hoffman 1976 GTB- Polo In the Coffee shop Marco Rossignoli
Maximum Overdrive Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Laura Harrington, Christopher Murvey 1986 WMS - Pokerino

BLY - Night Rider

Near the beginning, in a corner of the Dixie Boy dining room, two Pins. 

the Night Rider playfield glass smashes itself, and very late in the movie, for a split second, you can see the games being plowed into by a semi truck



Money Train ? ? ?? ? ??
Natural Born Killers Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis 1994 WMS- Whirlwind About 6.20 minutes into the movie there is a Bar-scene were a Whirlwind is featured in the background, (fighting scene with the two main characters.) Matte Loennborg
Navy Seals Charlie Sheen ?
GTB - Devils Dare
GTB- Arena
BLY_ Fireball II ?
About one hour in the movie in a bar, when a friend has been killed. Tom - 

Clive Pedersen

Next of Kin Patrick Swayze, Liam Neeson, Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Ben Stiller 1989
WMS- Gorgar
BLY- Kiss
GTB Blackhole
and more
Guy gets angy and shoots some pins with a shotgun :(  When something gets shot (maybe the Gorgar itself), the cabinet art on Gorgar is reversed(!) probably to avoid copyright/trademark problems.  Shows pin being played through smashed backglass on the playfield glass, Steven Piozet


Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Patricia Arquette 1987 BLY- Eightball DeLuxe In a bar scene about 1 hour into movie Thomas R Bos
No Holds Barred Hulk Hogan 1983 Simpsons ? Big ZR
Les Comperes (France) Gerard Depardieu 1983
WMS-Black Knight
BLY - Paragon
BLY-Mata Hari
GTB-Black Hole
GTB-Force II
two unidetified
the games appear in separate scenes throughout the movie - but most appear in a bar at a roller skating ring scene Marco Rossignoli
Odds and Evens Bud Spencer, Terrence Hill 1978 CHC- Soundstage In a Coffee bar Marco Rossignoli
Oesters van NamKee (NL) Katja Schuurman 2002 WMS- Startrek TNG In the cafe about 60 minutes in the movie. KOV
Opportunity Knocks Dana Carvey ? WMS- Highspeed Located in rich guys basement. Mike F.
Over the Top Sylvester Stalone 1987 Unknow EM possible a GTB-High Hand Armwresteling on a Pinball Machine

Martijn v. Amsterdam



Payback Mel Gibson, Gregg Henry, Maria Bello, Deborah Kara Unger 1999 Unknown Very dusty mechanic one the moment Porter meets Stegmann Matt Mitchem
Pinball Summer (aka Pick-up Summer) Karen Stephen, Joey McNamara 1979 Lots of machines All through the movie in many scenes (especially Pete's Arcade) RB in Oz
Police Academy 1 ? ? WMS- Bowl a Strike During a Riot the game rolls over the street Edwin de Graaf
Puberty Blues ? 1981 ??? ? Kendrick Reed
Quadrophenia Sting ? GTB - Buckaroo ? ?
Reindeer Games Ben Afflek, Gary Sinese 2000 GTB-Bighouse   GTB-Streetfighter 2 The dart scene Mike F.
Replacement Killers, The
Chow Yun Fat
Mira Sorvino
 Michael Rooker
 Jurgen Prochnow
WMS- No Fear
WMS- Jack*Bot  (exploding)
WMS- Cyclone
BLY- Safecracker
WMS- Taxi
BLY - Theatre of Magic
BLY - Worldcup Soccer
And some unknown

After 45 minutes in the movie, scene takes about 5 minutes, location, is a arcade.

It starts with a close-up of the no fear logo on the playfield, please listen to the nice sound of a mechanic pinball machine.

Then there are several shots, a jack*bot is hit by some bullets and explodes.

A hitman jumps on two pins, breaking their windows.

John and Meg are hiding beind a safecracker, when they start to run to the outside, you see the same? safecracker left of the door.





Richie Rich Mc Cauly Kulkin   DTE- Richie Rich During the movie you can see the game several times. what makes it so damn special? it was made exclusivly for the movie, that's why it's the only one! Hi-Q
Roadie Meatloaf, Alice Cooper, Art Carney 1982 GTB- Royal Flush BLY- Freedom  They are both in a LaundryMat. Meatloaf is talking to a groupie(who is washing cloths) and the camera hits both machines quite a few times.  Greeg Gabborini
Rocky II Silvester Stalone ? ? Pauly gets drunk and walks into an arcade and troughs a bottle of whisky at a pin called Rocky Kiddx
Romper Stomper Russel Crow 1993? BLY- Playboy In the pub. Marco Rossignoli
Rookie, The Clint Eastwood, ? WMS- Rollergames In the bar ? Rudy
Rumble in the Bronx Jackie Chan 1996?
GTB- Flying Chariots
GTB- Dragon ??
Halfway in the gangs club - they smash a few pins



So Fine Ryan O'Neil 1981 BLY_ Space Invaders In the Bar Marco Rossignoli
Splitting Heirs Eric Idle, Catherine Zeta Jones ? WMS- Huricane ? Allan Boyd
Stand, The Gary Sinise 1996? BLY- Black Rose It's in the recreation room with all the dead
bodies during the opening titles.
Mark Entwistle
State of Grace Sean Penn, Gary Olman 1983 Several unknown In an arcade Stork's nest pinball
Strange Brew Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis 1983

1-GTB- Black Hole


In the Elsinore Brewery cafeteria kaisersoze
Stone ? 1974
WMS- Travel Time
WMS- Nags
In the Bar Marco Rossignoli
Superman 2 Chistopher Reeves ? GTB- Buckaroo Superman pushes tough guy down diner counter who then falls into a pinball machine Paul Haupt - Colin - Headsup
They drive by night George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Ida Lupino, Humphrey Bogart 1940 Unknown ? ?
Thing Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Richard Dysart, Richard Masur 1982 WMS- Heat Wave pb-thing.jpg (6287 bytes)

You see it in several scene's in the cantina.

Mark Entwistle
Three Men And A Little Lady Ted Danson, Tom Selek, Steve Guttenburg 1980? BLY-Harlem Globetrotters In apartment near kitchen(many scenes) Bob - Simon Holman
Tilt Brooke Shields, Ken Marshall, Charles Durning, John Crawford 1978 ? ? ?
Tommy Ann Margret, Oliver Reed, Roger daltrey, Elton John. 1975
GTB- Buckaroo
GTB- Kings & Queens
and many more.
It hurts to see them get destroyed.

Edwin de Graaf


Tootsie Dustin Hoffman, Charles Durning, Jessica Lange 1982 BLY - Space Invaders Near the end of the film Charles Durning enters a bar.  As he goes in, there's a Space Invaders by the door. Cody
Toy, The Richard Pryor, Jackie Gleason, Scott Schwartz, Wilfrid Hyde-White 1982 GTB- Haunted House You can find it in the spoiled kids gameroom. JT
Trucks ? ? WMS - RoadKings Near the beginning, in a corner of the dining room Cody
Vogliamo I Colonnelli Ugo Tongnazzi 1973 GTB- Grande Domino   Marco Rossignoli
Verdict, The Paul Newman ? BLY- Capt.Fantastic ? Paul Newman plays the machine in a bar. ?
Wall, The ? ? STN- ? Just after the groupie give guard a BJ, a pan shot past a guy playing the pinball machine Kirb
What's eating Gilbert Grape Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio 1993 WMS- Fire When gilbert sits in the diner talking, some Leonardo  plays Fire! in the background and he keeps shouting FIRE! all the time. Looks pretty mad :) Morten Nordheim - Dave Palmen
What Time is it Marcello Mastroiani 1989 DTE- Back to the Future In the Coffe Shop Marco Rossignoli
What Woman Want Mell Gibson, Helen Hunt 2000
GTB- Silver Slugger
STN- Striker X-treme
When the new formed crew goes brainstorming in the office, in the beginning of the movie, behind Mel Gibson. Jasper van Eeden- Aeneas Verhe
White Lies ? 1997 WMS- Medieval Madness In bar scene about 10min. into movie JMR
White Lightening Burt Reynolds ? GTB- Rack-A-Ball It's standing on a hillbilly's front porch. GH313pin
Zij gelooft in mij (Dutch) Andre Hazes  2000 WMS- Terminator 2 In the bar Michael v Oudenaarde



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