di Federico Croci

American Made Pinball Machines For The Italian Market

A presentation

This is the text of the original presentation which was the foundation for the book " Pinball Machines for Italy - Senza Ripetizione della Partita", now available, with expanded pictures, text, and new discoveries... you can check it here!

(The numbers you'll find here and there in the text, for example something like '(21)' or '(42v)' are just the references to the pictures, as used at the presentation)

Hello everyone, and thanks for being here. I'm Federico Croci, and together with David Marston I welcome you to this presentation about American electromechanical pinballs, especially built for my country, Italy.

  1. Senza ripetizione della partita
  2. From "Hula Hula" to "Sea Side"
  3. From "Beatniks" to "Wizard"
  4. From "Texas Ranger" to "Poseidon"

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