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  • Novarmatic's headquarter is in via Grandi, Empoli (Florence)
  • It's still active in the game industry.
Name Orig. Year Emul. Info
Frog ?
To be confirmed
Filetto 1990
Pango Fun


It has been reported by Vaz, but nothing was found about it.


It was derived from a PC-XT board. Users of MAWS, an information site about MAME (now closed), have chosen it as the worst emulated game.

Pango Fun

A PCB was found. In the picture, courtesy of Igor Maggiorelli, some snaps of a connected monitor (top) and a photo of the hardware (below).

An arcade version of a game originally developed for Commodore Amiga, by Giovanni Tummarello and Roberto Molinelli, in 1990 for Proxxima Software of Rome. It was later ported to the PC and sold in 1994 by AIM software (USA). The arcade conversion was done by Infocube, a company in Pisa. In this game the hardware is also derived from a PC-XT, but the emulation in MAME still does not work. According to MAMEteam, existing dumping is not perfect,