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Hello. I'm Deb. Welcome to the third version of this site.

Here are collected information on coin-op video games produced in Italy, except for gambling games.

Although more limited than in the U.S., Japan, South Korea or Spain, the production of these video games has continued for years even in Italy, sometimes with good results.

Unfortunately, the Italian companies of the golden age of coin-ops, are nearby all gone or have changed marketing sector. For this reason, it is difficult to find information, as well as spare parts.

This site was created as a source of information. Some are certain, others are just blurred memories.
The work was stopped for a few years, due to various problems, but now I'm starting over.

To comunicate with me, go to the navigation zone to the right and click on "Contacts". Enjoy!

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Recent Updates

3/24/2024 . Added Phantom to IDI page, A small change to Links page (Citylan is back!).

12/27/2023 . New page for Eurobed and some small corrections, just to say Happy Holiday.

5/25/2023 - Updated info for Arcade Super-Reflex (AEA). Name correction and new photo for World Boxe (NAT). ED/EVG info was slightly changed. Note: old mailbox ( is history, please update you contact list.

12/26/2022 - Brand new U.Games page. Brand new IDI page, added Pucman. Brand new Manilamatic page, added Crazy Climber. Added Maxenti to manifacturers. Added Super Add-up (VGG), Nautilus (hack, unknown manifacturer). Rewritten info about Dino Ferrari (Bacchilega). Corrected info about Asteroids clones in AEA and Sidam pages. Added some info about A.D.2083 (Midcoin). Small correction in Rumiano Page. Other fixes (page titles, missing menus, links). Happy Holiday!

12/21/2021 - Brand new CDA page, new info about Rally Race, added Rally Queen. Brand new Rumiano page, official game list counts 16 items now, added info about Hyperspace, Meteor and Advisor, and other info. Massive changes to EGS page, new info about Rally Race and Tornado/Phantom II. NAT: added World Box. Domino: added Rally Race. R. Bacchilega: name completation, added Quota 363, new info about Dino Ferrari. Corrections about Negro (Other licensed games page). Happy Holiday!

8/23/2021 - Mailbox has changed! See Contacts page! Added all recent info about Crazy Balls: now NAT and Bontempi have two brand new pages, and you can find anything about the two different versions. Also added Double Tennis to NAT/Italgiochi page. Added Rally Race to EGS and Domino pages. Added CDA to Other Manifacturers page. IGR: brand new information, added two games sold to Zaccaria and Model Racing (keep reading) and an unreleased game. Zaccaria: added Armada (no longer listen on Olympia page), updated TV-Joker information. Added World Cup to Elmac. Some additional info to Gun Champ (Model Racing) and Mug Smashers (ED/EVG).

12/22/2020 - Bertolino: Spectar added. ED / EVG: corrections to Steel Force,  fixes, added a bit info about Ecogames' Mortal Race. EFG: fully updated data. MR: Ufo and Satellite TV splitted, added the name of a designer. Olympia: Asterion updated. Zaccaria: corrections to the list of productions for other companies. Link. Arcademania and Yahoo Itvac group removed because they are dead, Retrocampus and Google Itvac Group added. Happy Holiday!

7/22/2020 - The link to itvac Yahoo group was removed from the main navigation bar,, because its' now available via e-mail only.. AEA: added Aliens Multispeed. CD Express: updated info about El Dorado, Odeon Twister/O.T.2, Laser Quiz Greece. E.G.S.; interesting news about Crazy Balls. Midcoin: added Invasione. Nuova Videotron: found another brand name used (Gamepack), added Frogger. Olympia: many changes on info about Speed Race e Sirius. New page for EFG. New entry for Manilamatic. Sidam: added 4 games, two names corrected; Missile Storm  and Crashing Car. Zaccaria: added Jack Rabbit Special. Changes to links page; including info about itvac Group.

12/22/2019 - Quick and dirty update due to hardware and time problems. Just to point out the really big news about two unfinished Model Racing games now emulated! Also, some new info about Asterion (Olympia).

12/30/2018 - Annus horribilis, but here's an update. Collected in a dedicated page all  Breakout clones, consequently  Goldmatic and Seletron pages has been eliminated, because they have sold these games only. Changed the title of a page from Olympia to Olympia / Leante and correct information about Master's Game. Added a note about SG (Gaetano Spatafina).

8/12/2017 - Adde Playtronic Page including Grudge Match. Added SuperCrash (VGG). Corrected info about Attack Force (EGS). Some small corrections and improvements to Links page.

7/9/2017 - Links page revised and corrected. Complete revision of the TBM page, with changes in Off-Limits by Zaccaria also. Added Flying Shark video footage (finally!). Added to page Bertolino (Volleyball), Kit & Cabinets-Others (TV Competition), New Impeuropex (Tetris Sexy), Sidam (GZ), Amtec (3 clones), Olympia (Griffon). Updates for Take Off (Sidam) and Big Twin (Playmark).

5-1-2017 - Added Star Elettronica (Ghox). Added clones to following pages: International Games (Mustache Boy), Sidam (The Tower of Druaga), Model Raving (several titles). Corrections to following pages: Other Bootlegs (Gran Premio F1), Zaccaria, TBM, Sidam, Playmark.

5-1-2016 - New independent pages for Impeuropex (added Hexion), Fiberglass and BEM. Updated info about Zaccaria (Laser Battle / Cat'n'Mouse), Model Racing (Flying Shark), Novarmatic (Pango Fun), I.G.R. (Harem). Eliminated Operation Wolf (the Italian and World version are identical, there is a few problems in MAME which makes them look different). Corrections to Midcoin page. A few other fixes.

11-21-2015 - Many corrections and improvements to Midcoin and Felaco pages; this is involving Hot Shocker by Domino.
Corrections and more info to the TBM page; this is involving Off Limits by Zaccaria.
Title change and corrections to the Bertolino-Sidam Sentence page.
Added Clown (hack, unknown manfacturer). Added IDI manfacturer. Added Bertolino logo. Info change for Diver Boy (Electronic Devices). Fixed some various glitches.

2-15-2015 - Added BEM (manifacturer under license) and the game Kosmo Killer. Added Doble Strixx and some info to CD Express page. Zaccaria page revised and fixed. Changes to Amtec and Domino pages.

10-23-2014 - We apologize for the problems subsequent to server change; all pages should be OK now.
Changes to layout and internal code of the site to make updates easier; as a consequence, this site now requires Javscript!
Many changes in the: "Licensed and bootlegs" area: added Bellini page; Fiberglass is now located on this area and another game is listed.
"Kits and Cabinets" area: added Seletron; new game (Robot Hunting) added to the "other products" page.
A new game was added to the "other products" page in the "Original games" area also.
Corrections and improvements to following pages: CD Express, Model Racing (Ufo), Olympia (Master's game), TBM, Zaccaria (Off Limits), Video-pinball Hybrids.

3-24-2014: anchors are back, so you can link to a specific part of a page (for example, to direct to the description of Combat by Bertolino, write this URL: "".
Many, many mistakes in english translation have been eliminated, mainly thanks to Stiletto.
Added a few logos of varoius companies.
Mixed corrections and ehnancements to following pages: Olympia, other products (bootlegs), Elettronolo, Model Racing, Sidam/Sipem, Zaccaria.

12-23-2013: added CD Express page, updated info on Olympia, some other changes.

11-15-2013: debut of the English version.