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  • Electronic Games Systems was founded by two former members of Model Racing staff, Giorgio Peroni and Alessandro Carnevali.
  • They build a venue in Fano, a few miles from the MR venue in Montemarciano.
  • In most cases he was only involved in the engineering of the games, which were then sold to other companies for the realization of the final product.
  • E.G.S. produced an hybrid pinball-videogame too, called New York Defence
  • The company still exists, now sells electronic devices not directly related to videogames. Their main office is now located in Lucrezia di Cartoceto.
Name Orig. Year Emul. Info
Crazy Balls
1978 Manifactured by Bontempi and NAT
Rally Race 1979
Manifactured by Domino and CDA
Attack Force

Tornado / Phantom II 1979
Manifactured by Domino and Midway

Crazy Balls

A game where the player controls a paddle at the bottom of the screen - like Breakout - and with the ball he has to hit different targets by scoring points. The monitor was perhaps grayscale, but the photo below suggests the existence of a color version.

E.G.S. wrote the code, engineered the cards - there were two of them inside the cabinet - and designed the controls. Then they made agreements with two other companies, which produced and sold two versions of the game: NAT (Bologna) and Bontempi (Rome).

In the Bontempi version the monitor was grayscale, while from a brochure it seems the NAT version featured a color one. The cards are slightly different and carry a different number: 106-107 for Bontempi, 113-114 for NAT. It is a historical game, because it appears to be the first in the world that allowed the recordman to enter his name. To acheive this,  unit was equipped with a small keyboard (perhaps membrane-based) on the cabinet. It came out before Atari's Asteroids, reported as the first game with score naming for a long time (Asteroids appears in 1979, while Crazy Balls appears in 1978). A 4.5 Volt battery kept the recordman's name while the machine was off.

It is a non-CPU game, which is why its emulation is difficult. A pair of NAT cards was found, and they were dumped: the game has been included in MAME since version 0.222, but emulation never worked since then.

Rally Race

Car racing game with vertical scrolling. E.G.S. has been involved in hardware and software design, the final implementation and marketing were carried out by two companies, CDA and Domino.

In the photo, an unit found by Federico Croci. There is no indication of the manufacturer. Inside, there's no visibile CPU and the PCB is marked "EGS 114" (the same indication of Crazy Balls by NAT). There is also a "Telecolor" label on the monitor connector. The game is currently not working and is awaiting restoration.

Attack Force

This game runs on a standard hardware, very similar to Space Invader's one.

Thanks to Piero Andreini, who found an unit, got it fixed and dumped the ROMs. The game is emulated in MAME starting from version 149. Sound emulation is preliminary at the moment.

Tornado / Phantom II

Air battle, made on hardware very similar to Attack Force's one. Produced and distributed for the European market by Domino, and for the US market by Midway, who renamed it "Phantom II".

Only the Midway version is emulated in MAME, and works correctly.