Confirmed To be conf. MAME Emulated
Original Under License Bootleg

R. Bacchilega

  • R. Bacchilega was a little company in Bologna.
  • Its games showed the signature "RB BO" on screen.
  • It produced games in collaboration with Alberici.
  • We do not know much more. It could also be a "single-person" firm !
Name Orig. Year Emul. Info
Imola GP
Dino Ferrari


Maybe never distributed

Imola GP

It's a driving game; visually it is similar, if not equal, to Monza GP by Olympia, but there are many physical differences between the two PCBs. It's impossible to tell, as long as both are not well emulated.
This snap is taken from MAME. Currently the colors are wrong and the commands do not work like the original, but thanks to a programming trick you can play the game.

Andy Welburn found the board; in the beginning he mistook it for a pinball machine, then he noticed similarities with some Sidam and Olympia PCBs - for a while it was thought that it was a Monza GP board - and was able to make it work. Then Phil Stroffolino wrote the MAME driver.