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I. G. R.

  • It was based in San Giorgio in Piano (Bologna).
  • They presented a video game with its logo, maybe the only one, at the ENADA in Rome.
  • We know they have designed a game, Scorpion, distributed by Zaccaria.
  • There are rumors about two other games (a dot-muncher and a beat-em-up), but we don't find any concrete evidence.
  • They should have closed in the 80's, perhaps in 1984.
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Game set in a stereotyped Middle East (not politically correct). After numerous attempts it has finally been faithfully emulated in MAME thanks to Luca Elia. The emulation is complete starting from version 0.164 (digitized voice added).

Scorpion (Zaccaria)

The game is not listed because it never came out with the brand IGR, but it is undoubtedly a project of this company, as show the writings on the chips and the card. (Picture by tirino73).