Confirmed To be conf. MAME Emulated
Original Under License Bootleg


  • Gecas's main office was in Milan.
  • A company called Gecas Electronics is still in existence, and it's possible it is the same company, however it is not involved in the videogame market.
  • We know of a tech lab in Massa Matelica (Ravenna), closed after the head technician lost his life in a car crash.
Name Orig. Year Emul. Info
Crazy Rally

Copy of Tecfri original
Express Raider
Copy of Data East original
Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Copy of Sega original
Blomby Car
1994 In joint-venture with ABM

Crazy Rally

The original manufacturer of this game, the Spanish company Tecfri, included in his staff Javier Valero and other future developers of Gaelco. This can be someway correlated to the development of Blomby Car.

Blomby Car

A project developed by two companies, ABM and Gecas.
This game is a sort of reproduction of Gaelco's World Rally, since the gameplay, sounds and graphics are all similar. A few Gaelco programmers call Blomby Car simply a hack. The italian programmers reply that they wrote the whole code.
Francesco Zaia, son of one of developers, informed me the player's car graphics was obtained by scanning a Peugeot car model supplied by himself.
The winner's name entry is a scan from an Italian newspaper; the article in reality tells about a bicycle race (Paris-Roubaix, won by Claudio Chiappucci).