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E. G. Felaco

  • We know little about this company
  • Gaetano Felaco is a well-known arcade machine distributor. His Generalgame sold many games in Italy, including the Neo-Geo Arcade System by SNK.
  • Bruno De Georgio, credited as designer, is a well-known programmer, and the future founder of Midcoin.
  • Both Felaco and De Georgio came from Naples. So E.G. Felaco main site was probably located in Naples too.
  • Felaco marketed one coin-op only, designed by De Georgio.
Name Orig. Year Emul. Info
Hot Shocker
Developed by De Georgio team

Hot Shocker

According to Alberto Troiano, this game was developed by the future development team of Midcoin, in the venue of the first company of Bruno De Georgio, with a different name - SpiderWeb - and a different graphics (it was set in an insects world). The game was later changed - perhaps by the same team - to be sold to Felaco.  Midcoin then officially started activity and began to produce and sell SpiderWeb about a year later.
It runs on Scramble hardware - like the first Midcoin's production - and MAME emulates it.
The game was released on license from Domino. In this version, the title screen will show "Domino presents". In another version, perhaps older, the word is "Dudley presents". This version is probably the original Felaco one (Dudley is the name of the protagonist in the English version, and it seems to be used as a "placeholder" for another distributor logo).
The background music of round 1 resembles an italian song, "Lamette" (Rettore-Rego). According to Troiano again, this was an idea by Tullio De Georgio, Bruno's nephew.