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  • Domino electronics was an Italian manufacturer in Rimini. It has nothing to do with other companies with the same name spread throughout the world (Turkey, New Zealand…).
  • One of the first companies to enter the italian videogame market, Domino marketed two games: the second was licensed from Felaco, the first can be an original creation, or an adaption of a Electra Coin game.
  • Many italian companies are named Domino, but the original videogame manufacturer no longer exists.
Name Orig. Year Emul. Info
Tornado 1977

Maybe derivated from Avenger (Electra Games)
Hot Shocker


Developed by De Georgio, licensed form Felaco


Pictures from Zedd, who owns this unit

A battle in the skies.
It should be a version of Avenger, a game created in the USA by Electra Games and distributed also in Japan by Taito.
But, according to some rumors, it seems there are differences between the games. The jet aircraft enemy would have to fly in the same direction of that of the player in Tornado, but in the opposite direction in Avenger. Moreover, in Tornado the plane enters a fog area, and in order to orient it is necessary to watch the LED radar - placed in the top of the cabinet - which does not show itself in all pictures of Electra Games Avenger.
Unfortunately, the only known Avenger unit, owned by Adrian Riggs, is not working properly at the moment.
The Tornado unit pictured above is currently under maintenance. We hope to get it working and make a gameplay video.
Tornado is a game with no CPU.

Hot Shocker

This is Domino version - including original brand. - of the Felaco game engineered by De Georgio staff.