Confirmed To be conf. MAME Emulated
Original Under License Bootleg


  • Datel was a company in Milan, likely to be a part supplier that built coin boxes, controls and such.
  • Many companies in Italy are currently called Datel, even in Milan; none are in videogame business.
Name Orig. Year Emul. Info
Rock Duck
1983 Hack of Scrambled Egg (Technos Japan)

Rock Duck

The MAME version, and the real version (picture from "Videogiochi" magazine, issue 12)

It was a hack - legal or not - of Scrambled Egg, a maze game from Technos Japan.
Datel changed all graphic and characters, taking inspiration from the story of Pinocchio.
The colors are currently wrong in MAME emulation, because of an incomplete memory dump.