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  • Fratelli (Bros.) Bertolino s.n.c., Turin, is a historical name of the videogames era.
  • From 1972 it has distributed coin-op videogames, made by Allied Engineering and then by Atari; it was the executive distributor for Italy
  • Bertolino manfactured under license versions of Atari classics as Asteroids, Missile Command and Centipede, almost identical to Atari originals.
  • It was the first manufacturer who mounted a legal attack against a clone producer, Sidam (see 1989 sentence page).
  • When Atari created Chuck E. Cheese restaurants, Bertolino tried to start a similar business in Italy also.
  • It was not a success, and Bertolino went out of business at the end of the eighties..
Name Orig. Year Emul. Info
Original Volleyball PCB by Ramtek

Gee Bee 1979
Under license from Namco

Licensed from Atari


Original cabinet with a Volleyball PCB made by Ramtek.

Picture from vernimark


Scans from the flyer.

The only original game by Bertolino, designed by Leonello Bione and programmed by Paolo Lodini.
A working unit has still to be found.

Gee Bee

Licensed version of  Namco original game, emulated in MAME.

Licensed from Atari

All this machines are totally or almost identical to the originals: Sprint, Sprint 2, Sprint 4, Sprint 8, Tank, Tank 2, Tank 8, Ultra Tank, Anti-Aircraft, Steeplechase, Breakout, Stunt Cycle, Canyon Bombers, Dominos, Starship 1, Super Bug, Super Breakout, Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Basketball, Lunar Lander, Video Pinball, Battlezone, Missile Command, Centipede, Red Baron, Space Duel, Tempest, Crystal Castles, Major Havoc, Star Wars. This list probably is incomplete!