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  • Amusement Technology (Amtec). Main site was located in Parma.
  • Amtec was owned by Giorgio Ugozzoli, engineer, and by Videogames GmbH, a German manufacturer in Lich.
  • It made some unlicensed bootlegs; then, on a joint-venture with Videogames GmbH, creates Looping, but this game was never branded by Amtec.
  • It went out of business in 1983.
Name Orig. Year Emul. Info

Copy of Pac-man (Namco)
Batman Part 2 1980
Copy of Phoenix (Amstar)?
Scramble 1980
Copy of Konami original?
UniWarS 1980
Copy of Irem original?
Zero / Tornado

Copy of Defender (Williams)
Moon Cresta

Copy of original by Nichibutsu


The name came from a misunderstanding of a telephone conversation. Also, on the cabinet, yellow and magenta colors were inverted by mistake.

Zero / Tornado

Version (emulated in MAME) of french clone by Jeutel.

It was distribuited with two names; Zero, like the PCB used for dumping, and Tornado, as written in a flyer..

Moon Cresta

There's two unindentified bootlegs in MAME already: one of these may be Amtec clone.

Looping (Videogames GmbH)

You cin read an interview with Giorgio Ugozzoli on this Mamedev page.

This game does not show up in the games list, because was never branded by Amtec.
It was developed in Italy. The software was written by three programmers, under the direction of Ugozzoli. Ugozzoli designed the hardware, a derivative work from Supertank, first game of Videogames GmbH, who marketed Looping in 1982.