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  • ABM's head office was in Milan.
  • Main laboratory, however, was in Chioggia (province of Venice).
  • After two games went to build video-slots, and some are emulated in MAME
  • Currently there is an ABM Games in Chioggia, while there is no trace of a company with this name in Milan.
Name Orig. Year Emul. Info
Blomby Car
Water Balls

Blomby Car

A game made by two companies together, the ABM and GECAS. It is emulated in MAME.
Some programmers of the Spanish Gaelco argue that it is a hack of World Rally, in fact the graphics, sounds and the general mechanism of the two games are very similar. The italian programmers reply: Blomby Italian Car is only inspired by the World Rally Championship, but all the code of the game was written by them.
Francesco Zaia, son of one of the technicians, wrote me the car frames have been created by photographing a model of a Peugeot supplied by himself.
The name input screen is a scan from an Italian newspaper, and actually refers to a bike race (Paris-Roubaix, won by Claudio Chiappucci).

Water Balls

The last videogame by ABM, except for video-slots and gambling machines.